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good sort

ˈ\ gu̇d ˈsȯrt

noun informal. a person of a kindly and likeable disposition.

Bottle collectors are unsung recycling heroes who positively contribute to the environment by diverting waste from landfills and who receive supplementary income from the refunds they receive from used containers collected from bins.

We are dedicated to improving opportunities for bottle collectors, also known as binners or canners, to better value and compensate them for their environmental and economic contribution.

" I noticed a local bottle collector waiting outside my downtown apartment building each week on recycling day. I began separating my empties and bringing them directly to him and wondered how I could inspire others to do the same. "

~ Fallon Butler, Founder


Thriving communities where sustainability is practiced and implemented every day.


To create opportunities for bottle collectors through recycling and waste diversion initiatives that foster a sustainable urban culture and facilitate a circular economy.


GoodSort facilitates the good work of others by driving participation in waste reduction and diversion.

GoodSort creates opportunities for bottle collectors that promote social equity, environmental awareness, and economic empowerment. Our goal is to offer a more reliable and stable income stream for some of our most vulnerable citizens through high-quality environmental stewardship in an inclusive, supportive community.

We also encourage residents to separate their deposit-return containers in solidarity with the bottle collecting community in order to provide greater ease of collection. This offers a higher degree of waste sorting and recycling, thus being good for the environment, keeping the city clean, and all the while making life a little easier for those who rely on returnable bottles and cans as an important source of income.


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We are currently conducting a feasibility study to better understand and appreciate the needs of the bottle collecting community by seeking input directly from them and the general public.

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